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Second presidential round: Gabriel Boric new president of Chile

December 21, 2021

After difficult months, loaded with television debates, with modifications to the government program of both parties and with many expectations of part of the citizenry, this past Sunday it was decided in the polls the new president of Chile for the period 2022 - 2026:  Gabriel Boric Font .

The progressive candidate obtained 55.87% of the total of the votes, in one of the elections with the highest number of votes in Chile (8,364,534 votes), surpassing the number of voters in the plebiscite by the New Constitution of 2020, which would have gathered a total of 7,527,996 votes. The newly elected president, Gabriel Boric, is the youngest in the history of elections in Chile, at only 35 years old, Gabriel promises profound and structural changes in the country. Their proposals are based on the improvement of the pension system in Chile with the slogan: "No more AFP", in a reactivation of the economic system, promoviendo the rights of the women, the environment and fighting against the effects of the pandemic. In addition, his government se  intends to reduce the working day to 40 hours, create a universal health system that is equitable for all Chileans, repair the historical debt of teachers and forgive the educational debt of the system of state credits.

"Good evening Chile, pō nui, suma aruma, pün may, Chile. I receive this mandate with responsibility, because we are standing on the shoulders of giants. I guarantee you that I will be a President who guarantees democracy, who listens more than he speaks, and who works for the quality of life of Chileans. We know that it is a day of great happiness, but that there are many who are not having a good time. The work that lies ahead is enormous. We have to continue being one. We have to continue working for the changes that the country needs. This is how we will do it by governing with all the people, adding ideas, opening doors and building bridges. This is how we will go step by step building the just country together with you. Let's celebrate with peace of mind. Go home with the clean victory achieved Let's take care of the victory and that from tomorrow we will have a lot to work with, with the hope intact, with the awareness of the challenges we have, that our Government will be a Government with its feet on the street. n this commitment I say goodbye to you, and telling you that I will do my best to be able to live up to the trust you gave me. We continue" (Gabriel Boric, December 19,  Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago de Chile)

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