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Our motivations

ICES seeks to be a contribution to academic and professional collaboration between Chile and Switzerland. Based on our academic and professional experiences in Switzerland, we believe that there is ample room for scientific and professional collaboration between Swiss and Chilean individuals and institutions. We believe that the academic, professional and even personal lives of Chilean researchers in Switzerland can benefit from the advice and past experiences of Chileans already working in Switzerland. Our main motivation is to create a space where Chilean researchers working in Switzerland can contact each other, exchange experiences and explore new academic challenges together with Chilean and Swiss organizations, as well as being an information platform to facilitate the exchange of Chilean students in Switzerland.

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Our objectives

Support Chilean researchers throughout their stay in Switzerland

Crear an information platform for researchers and students in Chile interested in Switzerland in search of academic and professional opportunities and to facilitate integration in Switzerland.

Promote scientific and professional collaboration between Chilean and Swiss people and institutions

Encourage the development of scientific and academic projects and initiatives in both countries. Present Chile in Switzerland as a valuable opportunity for scientific cooperation.

Participate in the discussion on scientific and academic development in Chile

Participate and collaborate with the different associations and networks of Chilean researchers abroad through the Redes Chilenas (ReCh) platform and other non-profit organizations.

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