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ICES is awarded the DICOEX 2022 fund to hold its annual meeting

April 30, 2022

For the second year in a row, our association Chilean Researchers in Switzerland is awarded the DICOEX 2022 competitive fund to promote the linkage, associativity and participation of Chilean communities abroad.

This fund will be used for the realization of the ICES 2022 Meeting : "Role of science in public policies" , which will bring together different Latin American professionals, academics and students in the capital of Switzerland, Bern during the month of October to discuss the experiences of the different countries and project scientific-humanist, cultural and political collaboration.

The fund was delivered by Mrs. Natalia Nahmías, Consul of Chile in Switzerland, at her offices in Berna.58d Instance which was attended by the president of the association, Mr. Javier Ortiz to share the different activities and ideas planned for this meeting. In addition, the Consul confirmed the support for the association in this activity and ensured the visibility of the Meeting within the Chilean community in Switzerland. 

As an association, we send a cordial greeting to the Directorate for the Chilean Community Abroad (DICOEX) and thank you for your collaboration.

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