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Annual meeting in Bern 2017

"Integration of researchers in the public and private sector"

The III Meeting of the Association of Chilean Researchers in Switzerland, held last May in the city of Bern, once again brought together a large group of Chilean scientists and professionals, all committed, attentive and restless in the face of changes, decisions and development. dynamic of science in Chile. Several of its members are researchers and direct actors of the Becas Chile program, other active human capital in both the private and public sectors of Switzerland linked to Chile for various reasons. ICES continues to grow, and with it they grow spaces for debate, discussion and proposals around educational and labor issues of current magnitude in Chile. Given this, it is appropriate to stop for a second and ask ourselves again as it was at the beginning: who are we? A futile question, no doubt, but one that should not be forgotten in any association.

Presentations were made by : ​

  •   Dr. Mauricio Reyes , University Hospital Bern - Inselspital, Data Science Center

  • Dr. Esteban Pino , Biomedical Engineering Program Director, U. Concepción

  • Dr. Jaime Pinto , Bío-Bío Clinic Director, Concepción

  • Dr. Olivier Scheidegger , ENMG and Neuromuscular Center INSELSPITAL, Bern

This year the members of ICES contribute with their knowledge and professional experience in a wide range of specialties, where Switzerland traditionally makes an enormous effort in order to encourage research and production of new technologies._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Finally, we investigate what motivates members to participate in the association, and what should be, in their opinion, its objectives. The main reason is to generate contact networks (networking), followed by facilitating the integration of Chileans in Switzerland. It is important to note that there are also objectives of more global relevance such as: Chile-Switzerland Collaboration, Public Policies and Dissemination of Science.

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