January 22nd of the present year, it was carried into effect the constituent assembly of ICES, in which was elected the first board of directors and was undertaken the first review of the association's statuses.

In Lausanne , Canton of Vaud, with a temperature by no more than 2 degrees, was carried out the symbolic ceremony of the constituent assembly of ICES, to announce their participation before the competent authorities and to be able to have all the benefits that has an association in the Swiss Confederation. 

On our first reunion in September, a first team of the board of directors was shaped; step by step, and we started to define the first objectives and the mission of the association via email. The result of all this work led to the creation of the first statuses as an association for ICES, they were reviewed and accepted by the board of directors. It was that way that the 22nd of January  2015, Lorenzo, and Alvaro (who travelled from Zurich, finding himself with an unexpected delay on the train for an entire hour) met in Lausanne to sign the constituent act were the first board of directors was established and the statuses were adopted at unanimity. This occasion also, gave us the chance to have a post office account to manage the ICES funding.

After countless attempts, and closures of different Poste’s offices, this couple of guys achieved their objective in the only one open Poste office in the entire city, located next to the train station, and with a waiting line of at less 20 people; which were not expecting that a couple of chilean guys would arrive at the last minute to do a legal process of 30 minutes.

The reward was so great and also unexpected, because besides having the chance to receive the first contributions of our sponsors, Alvaro and Lorenzo enjoyed some great burgers made the “Chilean way”, to proceed after with a more traditional food, a cup of coffee with merveilles or more properly said: “Fasnachtsküchlein”.

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