On December 06 of 2020, was held the VI ICES (Chilean Researchers in Switzerland) Annual Meeting in its new online format. The activity was attended by Chilean researchers and academics from Germany, Switzerland and Chile, besides the Chilean ambassador in Switzerland, Mr. Francisco Gormáz.

The event started with the welcoming words of the ICES president, Dr. Joaquín Bastías, who thanked the attendees from all over Switzerland and abroad who joined the meeting. After, the Chilean ambassador Mr. Francisco Gormáz, gave an eloquent speech and valued the work done by ICES, highlighting their member’s effort in promoting the investigation activity, and the contribution to scientific research fields.

Subsequently, a keynote lecture was presented by Dr. Rodrigo Polanco, Senior Researcher and Lecturer, University of Bern (World Trade Institute) and University of Lucerne, with the title “The Limits of a Constitution”. The topics of content included between others: definition of a Constitution, types of Constitution, intrinsic and extrinsic limits of a fundamental norm of the State and a brief history of the past Chilean Constitutions. Additionally, Dr. Polanco compared certain aspects of the constitutions between Chile and Switzerland, analyzing factors to consider when creating a new Constitution. His presentation provided the attendees with an insightful overview of the types and limits of a Constitution, as well as an explanation of the mechanisms used in their formulation. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Polanco for his contribution which is highly relevant considering the current times in Chile.

Before noon, a dynamic’s group allowed each of the participants to introduce themselves, sharing their experiences, research interests, and main motivations to participate. Additionally, some participants made a brief presentation about their research project investigations, promoting the knowledge exchange. This activity contributed in a big way to the group synergy and had great acceptance among the participants. The continuity of this activity is planned for future meetings.

After the lunch break, a panel discussion was held with two eminent academic guests and founder ICES team members, Dr. Lorenzo Reyes and Dr. Luis Felipe Orellana, who currently work at the Austral University and the University of Chile, respectively. The discussion focused on their vision and experiences after returning to Chile post-graduation. The chat emphasized in topics as: reinsertion, working and academic projections and adaptability. Later, different experiences were shared in the round of questions to the panelists.
At end of the day, as part of an interactive activity, the audience was divided into three groups, which had to debate, develop and conclude around three topics: “Outlook and its interaction with other organizations in Chile and Switzerland”, “integration” and “Sustainability” after the discussion, each group had time to present their conclusions and ideas to the audience.
The main purpose of this dynamic was to strengthen relationships, improve knowledge among participants and collect opinions. From this productive task, several proposals and ideas were noted that could help the organization in its goals, including the interaction with entities of the Chilean and the Swiss society.

Finally, the current board members of the period 2019-2020 provided a summary of the ICES activities and finances, followed by the vote of the new ICES Association board for the period 2020-2021.

The new board team is composed as follows:

President : Daisy Lucas (Zurich)
Vice-president : Joaquín Bastías (Geneva)
Secretary : María José Coloma (Bern)
Treasury : César Ordóñez (Geneva)
Communications : Javier Ortiz (Nyon)
Rech representative: Astrid Oppliger (Lausanne)

The new leadership team is gender balanced, regionally represented and decentralized.

We are looking to the future with great motivation to generate new cooperation initiatives including: integration and activities for new and existing members, collaboration with government entities, and strengthen existing relationships with the academic and industrial sectors in both countries.
We greatly appreciate the participation of the Chilean ambassador in Switzerland, lecturers and panel guests, as well as each of the attendees from Chile, Switzerland and Germany who contributed with their participation to our annual general meeting.


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