Coinciding with the Chilean national spirit in the atmosphere, on the 18th of September (2014), part of those who would become the board members of the association of Chilean researchers in Switzerland (ICES) met for the first time in Bern, Switzerland. On that occasion, the structure and the main positions were defined: presidency for Lorenzo Reyes, administration (communications and finances) for Felipe Orellana and Álvaro Ayala and, broadcasting for Daisy Lucas and Carolina Zielke. In addition, the main objectives of the association were established. Some topics discussed during this first meeting were the importance of having members of ICES all around in Switzerland (i.e. include more people from the Italian region of Switzerland) and the concern that the attendants to the meeting were mainly from the technological area and representatives of other areas are missing. That day, the founding members of ICES could not miss the opportunity to celebrate together both, the formation of the association and the Chilean national day by enjoying some Chilean empanadas and wine. In summary, this first meeting constituted the foundation of what soon would successfully become the association ICES.

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