Being a member of ICES you will be able to:

  1. Extend your network
  2. Receive directly (via e-mail) both information about activities of the association and the newsletter.
  3. Have access to discount registration to events organized by the association
  4. Obtain guidance from our support network
  5. Participate in the General Assembly. The competences of the General Assembly are:
    1. To adopt and modify statutes;
    2. to choose the members of the different organs of the association;
    3. to determine the working guidelines and to lead the activity of the association;
    4. to approve administrative and financial reports, and to vote the budget
    5. to deliver the responsibility to the Directive board, financial and broadcasting organs
    6. to stipulate the annual subscription of the members
    7. to face new projects presented in the association’s agenda.
  6. Publish your articles in our network.
  7. Get to know the activities of Chilean researchers abroad.
  8. Find out the different funding schemes for cooperation projects, scholarships, etc.
  9. Keep a professional link with Chilean and Swiss institutions in your domain.
  10. To feel rewarded by supporting a noble initiative. Thank you very much for becoming a member of our Community!

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